2/8/19- Climbing at Triangle Rock Club

On Friday (2/8/19), the OAP went indoor climbing at the Triangle Rock Club in Richmond VA. We had a blast trying out all the different climbing routes on the roped courses, as well as the shorter climbing in the bouldering room. Huge shout out to Triangle for having us, and Mr. Gunter for helping to make this trip possible!! We can’t wait to return soon!

10/19/18- Buttermilk Trail Hike

Last Friday, the OAP went on our first hike around the James River on the Buttermilk Trail. The weather was beautiful and our group had a blast hiking around the James river. Our chaperones were Mrs. Martin, Mr. Gunter, and Mr. Jones. We all did our best to keep up with the blazing speed of Mrs. Martin 🙂

Stay tuned for upcoming fundraisers around the AVR campus. These fundraisers include the return of our morning coffee/tea/hot chocolate sale, and a new snack sale on Fridays!!

IMG-1635 (1)

IMG-1671 (1)

IMG-1656 (1)

Hiking at McAfee’s Knob (2/22/18)


On Thursday, February 22nd 2018, the OAP went on our furthest and most challenging hiking trip yet!! We drove to Roanoke VA, to hike up to McAfee’s Knob, which is famous for being Virginia’s most photographed hiking destination. We were a bit worried about the forecast for rain in the area that day, but lucked out once again with some beautiful weather. The hike was challenging, but the breath taking view of the expansive valley below made it all worth it!! For more details, be sure to read below for some quotes direct from the OAP members themselves:


That mountain was no match for this crew.


IMG_4957[1]Diamond Allen:

“Well for my first time going hiking it was a little challenging for me especially because I’m lazy. And because I’ve never been hiking before. This trip was so fun because I got to bond with other kids in the group like Ja’len and T’Von. They were really fun to hike with. My favorite experience in OAP was hiking with the best team ever. My proudest moment on this trip was not giving up on myself because lord knows I wanted to. My favorite part of the trip was making it to the top to see how beautiful the view was. I really hope to go again because it was worth it.”


IMG_4934[1]Justin Branch:

“The most challenging part of our trip to McAfee Knob was trying not to fall or slide off the trail. My favorite experience was being able to see such an amazing place, and just being outside. My bonding moment was helping others reach the top, when they didn’t think they’d make it. I was proud of myself for finishing the hike and being able to know that I accomplished it.”


img-0264-e1519843928393.jpgJa’len Miller:

“The most challenging thing on the trip (McAfee Knob)  was mainly keeping up with my stamina and not losing breath. My favorite experience on the trip was the part, when we all were on the cliff. I guess I bonded with T’Von and Diamond. I was most proud of myself for making it all the way to the top of the mountain.”


img_49691.jpgJordan Lyons:

“Honestly, the whole hike (McAfee Knob) was probably the most challenging we’ve done, mainly because we were hiking up a mountain. My favorite experience throughout the entire thing was reaching the top and seeing that wonderful view. It was pretty amazing and we were able to get a few pictures so we could document that moment. It was also pretty cool to see how high up we were from the ground. You would be astonished just to see everything from that height.”

img_49461.jpgJerrell Taylor:

“My favorite part was getting to the top of the mountain, and seeing the view. The most challenging part of the day for me was the hike on the way back!”


img-0276-e1519848461756.jpgT’von Carter 

“My favorite part of the day was eating food on the top of the mountain, and the hardest part for me was gettin up and down those hills!”



The view from McAfee’s Knob:






Start of the hike:

IMG_4934[1] (1)

More pics (click to enlarge):

12/14- Service Project Trip to Tricycle Gardens Urban Farm

The OAP went on their second service trip in November, to the Tricycle Gardens Urban Farm in Manchester (on the south side of Richmond). We had an amazing time helping out with the various tasks on the farm, and learning about the inner workings of an urban farm. Tricycle Gardens is a local nonprofit organization that provides freshly grown produce to the residents of Richmond, as well as locally owned businesses. During our stay at the farm we helped plant carrots, water plants, weed, and put down mulch. Big thanks to Lorena Castro, the farm coordinator, who helped show us what to do, and taught us all about urban farming.

The OAP had a very successful fall season, and we are excited about our upcoming trips during the winter and spring. Some of these trips include: spelunking, hiking, biking, and overnight camping. Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to check out our newly added Merchandise Page (with shirts, bottled water, and eventually stickers for sale)!! All proceeds from merchandise and fundraisers go to help support our program and pay for our trips. Lastly, if you are interested in making a larger donation, please contact us by email or phone, and we can direct you to where you can send cash or check.

Thank you to everyone who helped support us during the 2017!!!


OAP Coordinators:

Latasha James- lsjames@henrico.k12.va.us – (804)-855-8322

Josh Tucker- jgtucker@henrico.k12.va.us – (703)-786-2308


Urban Farm Service Project Photos:

11/30/17- Ragged Mountain Day Hike

The OAP went on our trip to Ragged Mountain on Thursday, November 30th. Ragged Mountain trail is a 7 mile loop, located just south of Charlottesville, VA. The weather was beautiful, and the OAP group did an amazing job of pushing through to the end of the hike! For this trip, we were accompanied by Michael Hasley from central office, as well as our two four-legged friends (Chewie and Kofi). After the hike we spent some time checking out the beautiful town of Charlottesville. Congrats to the OAP on another successful hike!!! Our final trip before the holiday break will be a service trip on Thursday (12/14/17) to help out at Tricycle Gardens urban farm, located in Church Hill. Stay tuned for more pics!


11/9/17- Community Service Trip (Street Clean-up, and Horticulture at Maymont)

The OAP completed our first community service trip on Thursday (11/9/17). For this trip, we were joined by Mrs. Wright and her horticulture class. We were very thankful to have Mrs. Wright’s gardening expertise, and the extra helping hands!

The group picked up trash along the streets of Church Hill, and helped plant flowers in the garden at Maymont park. We were worried about getting rained on at first, but the weather cleared up as soon as we left, and was fine for the rest of the day. It felt great to help cleanup a small part of Richmond. We never realized just how much trash is left out along a typical city street. Our group filled up a total of six trash bags in a little over an hour! After the street cleanup, we drove over to Maymont park, where we met up with the park staff to help out with planting pansies in the garden area. We had a lot of fun getting our hands dirty, and were honored to contribute to such a impressive display of natural beauty. After helping to plant the flowers, we toured the Japanese garden, which is located near the river int he back area of Maymont park. The garden area is a peaceful and serene landscape, which appeared particularly vibrant during the colorful Fall season.

If you live in the area, and have never visited Maymont or the Japanese garden, we highly recommend you go check out this beautiful (and free to the public!) local attraction. Way to go OAP on our first successful service trip!!


















10/27/17- Bike trip on High Bridge Trail (Farmville, VA)


The OAP drove out to Farmville, VA on Thursday, October 26th to bike the High Bridge bike trail. We lucked out with some beautiful weather that day, and were able to complete the 12 mile ride from Farmville, to the famous High Bridge, and back. The views  from a top bridge were stunning, especially with all the leaves in the valley changing colors for Fall. We have some very strong cyclists in the group this year, who aren’t afraid to “crush” out some miles. There were few wheelies, a few sweet skid stops, and a few (almost) crashes :). Everyone made it back safe, and we even had some extra time to walk around the quaint college town of Farmville. Be sure to check out our photos below. Also, we now have video footage of the ride (thanks to Ms. James, and her video shooting skills)!! Thanks to everyone who has donated to help us go on this trip, and also big shoutout to The Outdoor Adventure Store for hooking us up with the rental bikes at a discounted rate. Be sure to check back soon for another post about our next adventure!







10/6/17- Buttermilk Trail Hike

img_3543.jpgOn October 6th the OAP drove out to the Texas Beach parking lot to begin the 7 mile Buttermilk Trail hike. This trail is a popular spot for hikers and bikers,= and offers some of the best views in Richmond of the James river. The weather was beautiful, the dogs (Chewie and Kofi) were runnin, and the OAP was gettin their hike on! Many of the new OAP members proved themselves on this hike, even toughing out a few bee stings! We are so proud of our group, and pleased with the first successful trip of the year. Our next trip is biking the High Bridge trail in Farmville VA!!

IMG_4389 (002)



Ragged Mountain Day Hike- 6/1/17

For our final trip of the year, the OAP drove out to Charlottesville VA to tackle the Ragged Mountain trail loop. The loop is a 7.5 mile trail that circles around the Ragged Mountain reservoir. The weather was beautiful, and we had an amazing time together on our final hike. Thanks to everyone who helped us go on our trips this year, and most of all shout out to the amazing 2016/2017 OAP group!! You all are the best!!! We can’t wait to continue building on this program, and embarking on more challenging outdoor adventures next year.

Bike trip to High Bridge Trail

Last week, the OAP drove out to the Farmville VA, where we rented bikes from High Bridge Bike Rentals and Sandy River Outdoor Adventures. From there we biked about 12 miles along the High Bridge trail, which is an old rails-to-trails bike path that crosses over the beautiful “HighBridge”. According to Virginia.gov: “Highbridge is the longest recreational bridge in Virginia and among the longest in the United States. High Bridge, a Virginia Historic Landmark, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The trail is a National Recreation Trail recognizing exemplary trails of local and regional significance, connecting people to nature, to each other, and to our shared history and culture.” (http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/high-bridge-trail#general_information).

The weather was a bit cloudy, but we were just glad the rain held off. We all had a blast, and some of the OAP members even overcame their fear of heights! Big thanks to everyone who donated to make this trip possible. It was another fun and successful trip for the AVR-OAP!!